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My Guide to TV Shows

Hi its Steve Owens and here is my guide to TV Shows. what to watch on TV.  You will also get my exclusive interviews with the TV Stars, sneak peek previews, inside scoop of new TV Shows and more at Entertainment World


BEAT SHAZAM Returns This May on FOX!

All-New Season of BEAT SHAZAM, Hosted by Jamie Foxx. BEAT SHAZAM Returns This May on FOX! SEASON TWO OF “BEAT SHAZAM” PREMIERES THIS MAY ON FOX! Grammy-, Golden Globe-...

FOX is Hotter than Hell #1 in New Year With Hot Shows

FOX I will tell you what is missing from this list two of the best show Empire and Lucifer... wherein the Hell are they. Lucifer Morningstar. FOX has...

Stephen Cone’s PRINCESS CYD Available on Netflix Today

PRINCESS CYD Coming of age movie story and discovering what relationships are all about. Cyd listens to advice from others but follows her own path. 16-year-old Cyd (Jessie...

What’s a Hidden Talent You Have? | Freeform

FreeForm "OTF"  What's a Hidden Talent You Have? Well, my hidden talents are making a mess at the house and eating popcorn will making music.  So I don't think...

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