FreeForm “OTF”  What’s a Hidden Talent You Have? Well, my hidden talents are making a mess at the house and eating popcorn will making music.  So I don’t think Freeform will be inviting me to be on the show.

OTF Freeform

 Welcome to “OTF” or “On The Fly!” This great new feature ABC Freeform talent showcasing their hidden talents and answering off-beat questions. Here’s your chance to see what our actors are up to when the cameras aren’t rolling.

This week’s vignette features Francia Raisa (“grown-ish”), Emily Arlook (“grown-ish”), Chloe Bailey (“grown-ish”), Halle Bailey (“grown-ish”), Maia Mitchell (“The Fosters”), Teri Polo (“The Fosters”), Cierra Ramirez (“The Fosters”), Benji Aflalo (“Alone Together”), Esther Povitsky (“Alone Together”), Ian Verdun (“Siren”), Eline Powell (“Beyond”), Alex Rowe (“Siren”), Fola Evans-Akingbola and Eline Powell (“Siren”) answering the question: “What’s a hidden talent you have?”


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