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Top Model ANNA from New York City agreed to answers 20 Questions about herself for Entertainment World.

I am OCD- I always have a perfect plan of each and every day and I use a good old fashioned planner as the pen to the paper method is scientifically proven to be the best way to solidify a memory

I hate ripped napkins- especially when you pull one out of a napkin dispenser and it rips; I don’t know why that disgusts me but it drives me utterly crazy and I can’t stand it! Ha, it’s probably related to the fact I do have OCD

I will listen and consider other people’s advice BUT do not directly tell me what to do! I will be utterly revolted and do everything to spite you and will do the exact opposite of what I was told to do. We live in a free country with freedom and anyone trying to impose themselves is not something I will ever tolerate! Yes I do listen, take advice, and opinions like a decent human but the second anyone tells me, “Anna you have to do this—” that’s when the conversation is over and I will not listen further. I am very individualistic and independent and everything and everywhere I have gotten has been due to my own wits, perseverance, and work, I am self-made and self-paid, therefore I find it utterly insulting to have someone ever try to bend you to their will.

I don’t like to repeat myself; unless you have a hearing impairment please pay attention the first time.

If I could live on caffeine I would- I think coffee is the most amazing thing! I feel so fresh and invigorated with caffeine in my life to the point where I am miserable without it, guess you could say I am an addict!

I don’t like to overcomplicate anything; I believe life is simple and anything can be made simple depending on how it is put together and organized.

Working smarter not harder, don’t over do or over think anything.

Lack of intellect is the biggest turn off, so is redundancy.

I am a huge fan of reading dictionaries to enrich the plethora of my vocabulary.

 I have an insatiable appetite and zest for life and ambitions, I believe you can never stop improving and that all of your life you need to be learning and living and being the best version of yourself that you can be!

I lose interest easily; if I show I am interested and don’t get it reciprocated I move on, that applies to anything in my life.

I love getting what they call “roasted” called out, challenged, it intrigues and excites me! A little brawl never hurt anybody

 I am half bougie, and half ghetto and very fiesty. One day I could be dressed in all designer and I want to have my plastic straw served to me on a silver platter (because the paper ones SUCK!) and the other day I could be in all sweats listening to 21 savage on my airpods all while grabbing a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, variety is the spice of life!

I am confident and assertive, can be mistaken as cocky but also can be one of the most chill, cool loyal people you will ever meet.

I don’t snitch or gossip, you tell me something I take it with me to the grave.

I am blunt and have no filter, Ooops. That’s why I love NYC and the honest straightforward approach here; just say it.

I was born in San Francisco.

I graduated with my Bachelors Degree at age 21 from Purdue University with Honors. Summa Cum Laude; so yes I am part nerdy too.

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20 things about Top Model ANNA from NYC