20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me Samora Smallwood

samora smallwood interview

Samora Smallwood caught my eye as the next Megan Markle from an episode of her on “Suits”. Most recently she auditioned to play Megan Markle. Already 2018 Samora is on TV with a recurring role on SyFy’s “The Expanse” and “Shadowhunters.
Diversity is the name of the game for this Actress as she is on the ACTRA’s Board for on Diversity. Time to find out what makes this lady tick!


20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me Samora Smallwood

  1. I sleep with a stuffed cat. I even pack it with me when I travel. (You just go on & judge me!)
  2. I despise olives. If one has touched my food it’s game over.
  3. I’ve been to Paris 4 times so far.
  4. I once had my Concierge come up and search my condo because my hammer was missing. I was convinced there was a lunatic hiding, waiting to hang my paintings for me.
  5. I found the hammer.
  6. I don’t watch any Reality TV.
  7. I am obsessed with candy! My favorites are Sour Patch Kids, Sour Cherries, & Fuzzy Peaches.
  8. I went Vegan almost two years ago and had to give up all that delicious candy. And let me tell you: anyone who says Vegan candy is just as good is lying to you.
  9. I bake once a week. I am very good at it. This is why I work out.
  10. I can do a bunch of different voices. I use them to entertain my nieces and nephews. Oh, and to crank call.
  11. I spent hours crank calling when I was a kid.
  12. I go to the movies alone often. People always shoot me sympathy looks and I want to tell them “I chose this! Don’t cry for me (Argentina)”
  13. I’ve lost a bunch of weight.
  14. I have two younger siblings: Cleo & Lili. Wasn’t my mom great with picking names?
  15. I’m a Feminist. (so happy it’s cool to say that now. It is cool, right?)
  16. My bottom row of teeth is tiny. Like, Vincent D’Onofrio in The Cell, tiny.
  17. Don’t mess with someone I love.
  18. If my nail polish is chipped, I can’t deal, it must be fixed asap.
  19. I have an excellent memory.

As a kid, I wrote & directed a family play called The Adventures of Big Baby & Dog Child starring my sibs and our Yorkie. I played the baby. One day I would like to direct something not insane



INSTAGRAM: @samoragloria
Twitter: @TheRealSamora
Facebook : samora.smallwood

Talent Agent – AMI Artist Management – Toronto
Phil Flagler http://www.amiagency.ca

Management: Branding Avatar– Los Angeles

Classically trained, Samora has played roles from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, won Best Actress for her raw portrayal of May Henning, in Norm Foster’s “The Affections of May”, as well as in many roles in film and Primetime TV. Samora’s most recent work includes an upcoming Recurring role on Syfy’s “The Expanse” as well as roles on “Suits”, “Designated Survivor”, and “Shadowhunters”. Samora’s emotionally complex role in “The Shelter” a dystopian thriller premieres on Amazon in early 2018. She plays against type in a role written for a man, in “Tormented” about which The Toronto Sun said “And then there’s a “What the…?” ending featuring Samora Smallwood, in an impressive surprise shocker, that seems to demand a sequel”. Samora received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Certificate in French Language studies at The University of Windsor. Her continued training includes the techniques of Larry Moss, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Strasberg, Uta Hagen, and more. Her most memorable experiences on-stage are playing Lady Macbeth and a lively turn in “The School for Scandal” as Lady Sneerwell among others. Samora is fluent in French and Spanglish. She’s half Cape-Verdean & Newfoundlander and has returned to Africa twice. She is an avid reader who loves fitness and fight training and did her own stunts in “Tormented”. She is taking Krav Maga and loves it. Samora also enjoys singing and sang as Angel on-stage in “Here on the Flight Path”. Samora is looking forward to working in the next Golden Globe-winning series or film and working with Denzel Washington!