Live artists from across America are competing in an eight-city live competitive painting tournament that will ultimately decide, by audience voting, the 2018 Art Battle US National Champion.

Los Angeles, CA (October 11th, 2018) – The 2018 US National Art Battle® Live Painting tournament is coming to a Grand Finale. After more than 18 months and thousands of artist applicants, only 9 events and 100 artists remain.

The first official event of the eight-city National Championship series is the Art Battle Los Angeles City Finals (Wednesday Oct 17th, 7:30pm, Downtown at Exchange LA). The competition will feature 16 Art Battle Los Angeles champions, finalists, and all-stars. The winner of this event,  determined by audience vote, will become the 2018 Art Battle LA City Champion, and they will advance, as a National Finalist, to the Championship event on November 28th, also in Los Angeles.

National City Finals events are also scheduled for Dallas (Oct 27th), Las Vegas (Nov 7th), Phoenix (Nov 9th), New York City (Nov 9th), Chicago (Nov 10th), San Francisco (Nov 14th), and Jacksonville (Nov 16th).

Audiences of culture enthusiasts, painters, art collectors, and art party lovers will assemble to vote for their favorite artist in each of three rounds. Each round is only 20 minutes in length, artists will compete with equal materials and a blank Fredrix® Canvas.

There is still a chance to participate through the Art Battle WILDCARD entry – one easel position at each finals event will be reserved for a random draw of pre-registered wildcard artists. Artists may register for the WILDCARD in any ‘finals’ city here:

Since 2001 in New York City, artists have been coming together at Art Battle events across the country and around the world, with the goal of turning a blank canvas into a magnificent creation, to share the wonders of the artistic process with voting audiences, and to celebrate local and national artistic talent. The movement has spread to more than 100 cities and 6 continents, with more than 1,800 public competitions produced. From Brooklyn to Bangladesh, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and many more; Art Battle has showcased incredible creative talent and built communities and relationships that support live art as a way of expression, innovation, and celebration.