With over 100 million-plus streams, 3-piece alternative pop-rock band, Beach Weather – comprised of Nick Santino [vocals, guitar], Reeve Powers [bass], and Sean Silverman [guitar/production] – released their highly anticipated new single “Unlovable” today via Arista Records.”Unlovable” begins with a laidback verse punctuated by claps that culminate on a chantable chorus awash in fuzzy distortion as Nick pleads, “Oh no, oh my God, how’d I get so damn unlovable?”Regarding the track, Nick adds, “Unlovable” is vulnerable, insecure and self deprecating… and that’s what makes it so lovable.” and Sean notes that “We had been building all of these ideas in our heads of what we thought we needed to be and whether we could be satisfied with who we actually were. I think in a way it’s about questioning your own value. Wondering if you’ll ever truly be enough and never completely meeting expectations. At the same time being satisfied knowing that it’s human to feel that way.”

“Unlovable” follows the success of their 2016 single “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” which organically caught fire during the global pandemic. A sync on Spanish-language NETFLIX drama Control Z stirred up initial buzz while on social media, TikTok users implemented the song in a myriad of ways, touching every facet of culture from Stranger Things to K-pop. The success transferred over to streaming platforms as the track has amassed over 100 million streams and counting. Watch the band’s acoustic video for “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” here.Regarding the success of “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” Nick admits, “We never thought ‘Sex, Drugs, Etc.’ would be the song people gravitate to…I can relate to the meaning of it personally. It’s about having anxiety. I don’t really go out. I’m not a big party guy. I’m the opposite; I’m a homebody. It’s amazing to see a lot of listeners identify with it.”​​In recent news, Beach Weather have dominated the Alternative radio world with adds in 16 major markets – Alternative stations include Los Angeles (KROQ & ALT 98.7), New York, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, Seattle, San Diego, Tampa, and Portland.To celebrate the release of “Unlovable”, Beach Weather will be supporting The Maine for a sold out show at Pier 17 in New York City on September 30.


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