Bill Paxton Award Honors Filmmaker Who Grew Up In Ojai


Bill Paxton Award Honors Filmmaker Who Grew Up In Ojai

(OJAI, CA –October 6, 2022) The Ojai Film Festival spotlights filmmaking in the Ojai Valley, and surrounding areas, with the Gold Coast series which ties up the four days of in-person screenings on Monday, November 7. This year’s Bill Paxton Award goes to Travis Greer, whose narrative feature “Time Capsule” will screen that evening at 7 p.m..

Storytelling talent springs from the soil in this part of California, which sounds impressive, but the results largely remain unsung. The Gold Coast series seeks to remedy this by celebrating locally-sourced films and filmmakers. The Bill Paxton Award represents the festival’s honoring of that community’s highest achievement in film. Actor and filmmaker Bill Paxton supported the creative community in his adoptive hometown of Ojai in so many ways.

“The award given in his name is meant to honor the kind of artistic vision he valued, and the commitment it takes to realize that vision,” Gold Coast series Director Bruce Novotny said. “Travis Greer’s film ‘Time Capsule’ serves as a great example of the kind of storytelling we intended the Bill Paxton Award to celebrate.”

This emotionally rich story, locally produced, offers a hometown audience a new view of the neighborhoods they know so well. Filmmaking that springs from our streets and tells our stories is something the Ojai Film Festival embraces. “Time Capsule” will offer moviegoers everywhere a worthwhile cinematic experience, but for the Ojai Film Festival audience, its impact will feel much more personal.

“It’s beyond everything to receive The Bill Paxton Award,” Greer said. “Growing up in Ojai I saw him around and got to talk with him from time to time. He was the nicest, and coolest fella around. Always there with advice and encouragement about things I was doing in the industry.”

“Time Capsule” revolves around a cynical CEO haunted by unresolved feelings about his dysfunctional childhood. He pushes people away with his abrasive behavior. When an old friend reminds him of a time capsule buried in his childhood home, Theo travels to his hometown to retrieve it. His journey provides the catalyst he needs to reexamine his life and change his ways.

“This film means the world to me,” Greer said. “I always wanted to do something for my brother, Jason, who passed away from cancer many years ago. This film is dedicated to his memory.”

Greer went on to express gratitude for the many talented people who made the film a reality. People like his producing partner and DP, James Lantiegne, the editor-in-chief, Lee Harry, Michael Dominguez who did the amazing score, and a cast and crew who came together in divine fashion, donating their time.

Honorees, including Greer, will receive their awards at a brunch on Sunday morning, November 6, in the Ojai Art Center courtyard. Gold Coast screenings happen at 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. on Monday, November 7, also at the Ojai Art Center.

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