The Stone Foxes Put the “Dead” in “Deadline” With New Video “Time is a Killer” + New Lp Out Nov. 18


The Stone Foxes Put the “Dead” in “Deadline” With New Video “Time is a Killer” + New Lp Out Nov. 18

Just in time for Halloween, San Francisco-based outfit The Stone Foxes, co-founded by brothers Shannon and Spence Koehler, have unleashed their video for “Time Is A Killer,” a blistering new single from their forthcoming LP, On The Other Side, due out on November 18th. “The Stone Foxes create indie blues/rock music that exists in a unique place that puts their own originality next to influences like Jack White, The Black Keys, and The Black Crowes…they make a glorious, addictive noise that will set both your brain and body in motion,” said Rock & Blues Muse. “Time Is A Killer’ has a lot to say, as do The Stone Foxes. They’re a strong contender for greatness and stand tall when compared to other current rock bands. Both Shannon and Spence push hard to make music that’s meaningful to them and to connect with the world at large.”

Produced by Digital Daruma, LLC and directed by David Dutton, the video features several deadline-driven scenarios where the stakes are high and the players are all trying to beat Time. Portrayed as a Femme Fatale, Time is outfitted with a blindfold because Time does not discriminate, and consequences are inevitable. And, in this video, Time puts the “dead” in “deadline.”

“We wanted to make an actual movie, with scenes and plot, something fun, action-packed, true to the theme of the song, and our director nailed it,” says Shannon. “It’s a thrill-seeking flick about blind justice hunting down five men who are trying to escape their fate.  It was a total blast shaving my beard, putting on a frumpy suit, getting blown up, and pretending to be a detective with my brother Spence.  It’s funny, our work dynamic in the movie is eerily similar to our real-life dynamic! It was just a blast to make, working with our great friends who did an amazing job acting, and hopefully, the fun comes across on the screen.”  

“Time Is A Killer” follows “Man’s Red Fire,” inspired by a lyric from The Jungle Book‘s “I Want To Be Like You.” “I’ve always loved that song and that phrase, and living in California surrounded by wildfires every summer for the past four years, it was stuck in my head,” Shannon said of the song. “The flames are a symbol of power and I couldn’t help but think of this raging fire of racism that’s been burning in our country since its inception. Just looking around, it’s obvious that the civil war isn’t over, so I started writing lyrics with civil war imagery in my head, and putting them together with lyrics that symbolized a quest for power.” 


On The Other Side will be the first full-length album recorded by Shannon (lead vocals, drums, harmonica,  producer) and Spence (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, pedal steel, bass, producer) in over six years. For the Koehler brothers, On The Other Side is a cinematic western rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack to pull you through when the journey gets rough. The lyrics and sounds reflect Shannon’s journey through a second open heart surgery, the brothers’ struggles with anxiety, being grounded by love, and the experience of living in a deeply disturbing America.

It’s also an album of many firsts. “It’s the first time Spence and I have been the main songwriters on every track of a release,” says Shannon. “It’s the first time I’ve sung lead vocals on every track of a release. It’s the first time I’ve ever written songs on piano that turned into actual songs on an album. It’s the first time Spence has been the main bass player on a full album.”

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