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Entertainment World 2023 and What to Look Forward Too



Entertainment World started in January 2003 as one of the first Entertainment Online magazines independently owned. While we have seen the highs and lows in Entertainment, we continue to evolve with more Celebrities interviews with no gossip. We have reached over 5 million viewers in our 20 years of being online. We realize our original format is no longer viable with social media being a key to entertainment news. So, Entertainment World will be evolving once again to be a leader in Entertainment. The 2023 Version of Entertainment World with continue to have Celebrity Interviews, Actors, Producers, Directors, Casting and Music Producers and Artists. Also, we will be showcasing more independent artist. Plus the biggest addition is we will be exploring Meta and tutorials on AI Art Video, Music, Photoshop and Animation Tools so you can be a part of META the new Universe.

Weekly Giveaways will start January 1st on Entertainment World

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