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As the summer is starting to relax a bit and we can get outside with Mask and now shoot things in the street I wanted a second camera to shoot things my iPhone wouldn’t that is when I discovered AKASO Brave 7 LE. It shoots 4K30fps/1080P60fps videos, plus up to 20MP photos. It has watch band remote 2.4GHz Wi-Fi s it allows you to control the camera from a distance, and it is extremely helpful when you are doing walking video blog or taking selfie.

[videopress FnB6lAzz]

One of the most important features Powerful 6-axis gyroscope design can correct vibrations when you are moving fast, it makes the recording much steady and smooth than other 4-axis EIS camera. I took the camera out in Hollywood street in my hand it was amazing how smooth the video was.

What the difference between Go Pro and Brave 7 LE really only one thing the price tag. You can purchase on Amazon for less than $150 Dollars.

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AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera for Influencers