Today, Beijing-based audio / visual composer Howie Lee is announcing his new EP. Homeless is due in May via Howie’s own Do Hits label, and to coincide with the announcement Howie is sharing a visual teaser for the project as well as the lead single, “四海 Four Seas.” The track starts as a turbulent mix of electronic noises before transitioning into a more coherent rhythm consisting of the introductory sounds. Howie is also sharing a recent Boiler Room session he performed in today. The thirty minute set features Bohan Phoenix and Meuko!Meuko! providing vocals over Howie’s production.


On the inspiration behind his new single Howie explains, “‘Four Seas’ is the opening track for my EP called Homeless. Four seas are the boundary waters of ancient China. The song is trying to explore this concept of ‘world’ boundary and linking it to the rising globalization and immigration conflicts. It is trying to ask what the current state of the world means for the word ‘home.'”


Hear “四海 Four Seas” and watch the trailer for Homeless above, read more about Howie Lee, watch his Boiler Room set, and find details on his forthcoming EP below, and stay tuned for more from the Beijing artist soon.


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