Infected Mushroom I Wish and Manipulator Plugins

I came across two plugins a year ago that was not in my normal pop sound current I didn’t understand what could be created with them. At the time there wasn’t a lot of videos out there on Polyverse “Manipulator” or “I Wish” of what they could do. Now having watched several videos and hearing live DJ sets with the plugin in action. Here is the skinny on them.

Manipulator carves layered effects on Vocals. So if you are a producer who is tired of simply doubling and tripling the vocals and you get nothing original. Taking a vocal track and running through Manipulator to have it transposes pitch and morphs a unique texture from flattening robot electronic feel to industrial feel.

The Manipulator is not limited to Vocals it works amazingly with synths. Take a toy box keyboard sounds and imagine Godzilla just stepped on it.

So DJ’s can finally have something different than phasers, shifters and Lo-Hi and stutter effects.

When I originally tried “I Wish” from Infected Mushroom I said WTF is this I insert the plugin on a vocal track and nothing happened. I played around for a few hours and gave up.


What I later realized from watching a video is you have Midi track that outputs and when I triggered a midi note “I Wish” samples my audio and froze it. If you are in the studio… make sure you are recording the tracks because each time you do your actions you get a different sound and you don’t want to lose the magic. Also the higher the note on the keyboard the shorter the freeze cycle.

“I Wish” is the only pitch freezer plug-in on the market. EDM and House DJ can go crazy with this plugin. I would suggest spending some time building out tracks with it ahead of time as well as live.

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