Episode Summary

School of Hollywood – I am Steve Owens and great Interview with Kyle Laursen the Director of “Josiah” explores Hollywood’s unconscious stereotyping

Writer/Director Kyle Laursen’s live-action short film Josiah examines issues inside the creative process of a casting room, excavating unconscious stereotyping and complex power dynamics based on race, class and gender. The stellar cast includes Kevin Dunn (VEEP), Luke Forbes (Crown Heights), Melanie Chandra (Code Black) and Mather Zickel (Better Things). This topical film can soon be seen at the Oscar Qualifying Bogota Film Festival, Raidnance Film Festival and St Louis International Film Festival.  

Brandon, a talented actor who has yet to break through, auditions for what might be another stereotypical part in a period television series. Being the only Black man in a Hollywood setting is not unusual for him, but when something unexpected occurs in this casting session, Brandon must contend with three other perspectives in the room for a role that could actually change his life.  

Kyle Laursen graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he received a BFA in film production and a BA in film studies. Kyle completed his MFA in the graduate directing program at the UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television, where he wrote, produced and directed several short films that screened at film festivals across the country. For his work in film, Kyle was a recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Award and the Stanley Kramer Directing Award. He worked as a development executive at Plan B Entertainment for three years and currently produces television for Big Beach. Kyle wrote, directed and produced Josiah.