I had the opportunity to speak with Rebecca Knox who plays Tina Swope on Orange is the New Black.  I chatted with Rebecca about how she got the role on the Series and well as what it was like the first days on the show. Is Orange her favorite new color? What are her plans once she Tina gets out of prison? What are her 5 five favorite songs for prison walkman?

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Rebecca Knox.

Aside from acting, Rebecca has always been a businesswoman creating her own record label as well as her own Mezcal company, Doña Sarita. Knox is an East Hampton native where she also helps run her family’s very famous White Sands Beach Hotel in The Hamptons. She’s basically a 25-year-old bad ass with an incredible story.  Not only is she brilliant but she also grew up speaking multiple languages and is completely fluent in Spanish.


Prior to getting cast on OITNB, Knox appeared in Return to Montauk alongside Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia!, Thor, and The Avengers). She appeared in a few short films, including Something About Wonder and Thinking Inside the Box, as well as one in the works, Strangers at Night, and has also made one-episode appearances in shows like Bull and A Crime to Remember. Currently, she is getting ready to film season 7 so we know that her character is definitely a fan favorite.