Let’s see what Key is Lorde in?  Great Parody of song “Green Light” . Written by Mark Douglas, Evan Kaufman and Doug Larsen

Maddie Morrell – Lorde
Anthony DeVito – Vartoosh
Jake Roper – Jack Antonoff
Michelle Maffeo – Clubgoer #1
Greg Murtha – Clubgoer #2
Doug Larsen – Bouncer

Directed by Mark Douglas
DP – Giovanni Autran
AD – Doug Larsen
Producer- Lisa Solimeo
Props/Wardrobe – Cara Alpert and Michelle Maffeo
Hair and Makeup – Caroline Baribeau
BTS Camera – Greg Murtha
PA – Jerry Nolan
Edited by Doug Larsen and Greg Murtha

Cara Samantha – Lorde Vocals
Mark Douglas – Vartoosh Vocals
Music produced by EMW Music Group
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Galindo at EMW Studios NYC


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