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When creating your first Portifolo’s for Modeling Agencies and Model Management here are some tips. With today’s iPhone and Galaxy Phone, the quality of photos is as good as a Canon. So there is no excuse walking to Modeling company and saying I don’t have photos yet. Also as you are starting out, you don’t need to pay a photographer to shoot your first photos.  Get used to taking photos first.  In addition, most Modeling agencies and management companies have a photographer that will shoot you for free once they take you on.

Main Shooting Backgrounds

If you live in Los Angeles the famous PINK wall on Melrose should be your first stop or solid background or brick walls. Shoot the wall early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  You main photos in your portfolio you want with a solid background.  Also, these photos are great for sending to try and get representation.

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How to Shoot the Photos with Cell Phones.

No matter where you live there is a white background like at church or school.  What is important if you are using iPhone or Galaxy is to shoot landscape and have the photographer click the box that comes up on the screen on your face that puts you in focus and also will adjust the lighting on your face. Play around with the camera on the phone. TIP iPhone: If you slide the photo button to the left you can take a burst of photos and pick and choose for editing which one you like. Try it out now.
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If you have ideas you want to try for modeling shots don’t be afraid to try them. You can always delete them. For example, I shot a model in long alleyways and Starbucks but used the Defocus on SODA and Phones to come up with some really cool shots.  If you are not having fun having your photos taken then maybe modeling not right for you.

Editing Skills

Well if your photography skills aren’t up to speed may be your ability to work with editing software like Adobe Photoshop or even Lightroom on Desktop rocks.  Editing on the phone is so easy with a couple of great apps SODA and Facetune 2.  Both of these apps have soft filters and a one-click fix. Personally I prefer Facetune 2 because the filter gives you different light textures on your face. Also, there is additional lighting can be added and if you have something you wish wasn’t in a photo it has vanishing tool.

Wish you the best of luck in your venture. Do I have any knowledge in this modeling field that agents want?  I have been Senior VP of LA Talent Agency, ran one of the first online model management companies in the world and Addy Award winner for Best Commercial directing.

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