Peer Pressure is a Bitch for Teens – L Devine Sings About It

When you listen to Peer Pressure you will say I know that sound so well. Well L Devin has written tracks for the biggest names in music.  What I really like about this song is how L was able to sync vocals to the drumbeat of the track.   The song is about what every teenager fears Peer Pressure and how to get rid of the toxic people in your life. Top 10 Record here. Entertainment World.

Pop songwriting talent turned performing artist L Devine continues to fuse her unapologetic storytelling with addicting hooks and melodies on ‘Peer Pressure’, the first single off of her upcoming mixtape. The single follows Devine’s debut EP ‘Growing Pains’, a melody-heavy pop record with instantly relatable sonic snapshots. Emil Nava (Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Rihanna), Devine’s collaborator on the extended visual for ‘Growing Pains’, returned to bring fresh visuals to the track.


Produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX), ‘Peer Pressure’ is an unfeasibly catchy modernist pop banger which was inspired by the classic coming-of-age movie ‘Heathers’. The 21-year-old exudes star quality as she mixes her distinct vocals with a surfeit of charisma. Her elegant delivery heightens the power of her lyrics, which blend wit and insight in equal measure. Early fans at FADER noted her lyrical play with melody, saying  “The chirpy, Charli XCX-esque bubblegum pop of ‘Peer Pressure’, belies the misfit status that runs through its lyrics. “The party’s in an hour but I’m crying in a towel,” is a relatable moment if ever there was one.

Peer Pressure picks up where Growing Pains left off. It feels a little darker and expresses my feelings of isolation and never quite feeling at home” explains Devine to FADER. “The title Peer Pressure came first and then I was thinking about what that phrase means to me. I feel like it’s such a general term used to cover so much, so with each verse I wanted to dissect a different aspect of it. It’s about trying to be yourself but also wanting to fit in”

Filmed in Los Angeles, the accompanying visual captures the song’s theme with pinpoint precision. Devine leads as a young woman battling against the influence of a cliquey peer group as she strives to discover her true self. It depicts all of the awkwardness of the transition from teen to adult, and captures the loneliness of never quite feeling part of a wider social group.

Raised in Whitley Bay in Northeast England, L Devine (shortened from Olivia Devine, as she shares her full name with a porn star) became immersed in music as a teenager, composing songs in her bedroom, uploading them online and performing in every venue she could in the North East. She moved to London two years ago to pursue a career in songwriting and has collaborated with a plethora of pop’s most exciting practitioners including John Hill (MIA, Rihanna), RogétChahayed (Miguel, Travis Scott), Burns (Britney, Ellie Goulding), Al Shux (Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys) and Ian Kirkpatrick (Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez). Loaded with attitude, firmly rooted in reality but always with an edge, Devine’s songs are inspired by her life and what she sees around her.

Since its release last year, ‘Growing Pains’ has reached over 5 million streams, with the track “Like You Like That” amassing over 1 million streams. L Devine’s mixtape featuring ‘Peer Pressure’ will release later this fall.

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