Pop Music Producer Chris Lord-Alge Shares Producing Secrets

Going back to the 80’s Chris Lord-Alge worked on some of the best Pop Record of the 80’s. I worked closely with Clive Davis team on record that I discovered out of Mexico night club call “Point of No Return” by Expose which Chris worked on. The band was close to being dropped by the label but I was able to make it massive hit in Texas selling over 10,000 Vinyl Records and label kept the girls. Several years later the Expose used me in one of their music videos.

The Hit List of Chris Lord-Alge

Worked with Kool & The Gang, Springstein, David Bowie, Madonna, Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Carrie Underwood and so many more.

Want to know the producing secrets of this 30 year veteran. Thanks to Waves Plugins and sit back and watch an hour from the best in the business.