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Finally, a book that Actors, Producers, and other Creatives can gain knowledge on Networking and get the doors open. Alex Banayan book “The Third Door” explains how he sought out interviews from the greatest mind around the globe and was able to gain access to them.

Alex says “There’s the First Door: the main entrance, where 99 percent of people wait in line, hoping to get in.” Been there and done that too many times myself.

“The Second Door: the VIP entrance, where the billionaires and celebrities slip through.” Living in Hollywood we all seem to know how to get through this door. If we don’t we hire PR.

“But what no one tells you is that there is always, always… the Third Door. It’s the entrance where you have to jump out of line, run down the alley, bang on the door a hundred times, crack open the window, sneak through the kitchen—there’s always a way.”

The book talks about finding the right mentors to help open the doors. He has a great story about Steven Spielberg and how he was rejected from film school and got his film career started by sneaking on the backlot of Universal. Along with how Alex went after Steven for an interview.

Key points of the book

Get an insight into a man or woman to help you.

How to reach those people with cold call emails with an exact formula that work!

Keeping a journal of your progress on the path to connections.

Can’t wait for the Audio Book to come out because Alex is an excellent speaker.

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Secret Door to Hollywood Execs