Should we make voting mandatory?

Americans everywhere are asking tough questions about the foundation of our democracy and how we think about politics at this crucial time in our democracy.  AMERICA FROM SCRATCH produced by Rewire for PBS Studios as part of the Twin Cities PBS initiative “In It Together” is taking everyone back to the basics and giving the public a much-needed refresher on civics while asking viewers:

If we were to build America from scratch today, what would it look like? 

Breaking down key ideas related to social sciences, civics and current events, the 11-episode series AMERICA FROM SCRATCH explores the biases and frustrations in our current system and aims to encourage creative thinking about how we structure our public life and how we define the common good. Actor, musician and writer Toussiant Morrison hosts the series, propelling the action forward with the force of his curiosity in exploring provocative questions such as:

Should your data have rights? Should we have a president? What if there were no states? Should we elect our Supreme Court Justices? Should we rewrite our Constitution?

AMERICA FROM SCRATCH sources expert insight from around the world and seeks input and commentary from ordinary viewers across the country.

The most recent installment of the series, Should Voting Be Mandatory?, comes just in time for the primary season as various states prepare to go to the polls.