Dua Lipa – Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott)

Not really sure what to take away from the video but the song is levitating in it self. Dua Lipa with...

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur

Music Video on the Black Man and Woman can have major successful businesses. Video is to make people aware you can do...

AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera for Influencers

As the summer is starting to relax a bit and we can get outside with Mask and now shoot things in the...


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The Cardigan Video is great and you can tell it was very expensive to make with SFX but its Taylor Swift. The visual effects are movie studios’ quality. I didn’t get how the video relates to the song till the end when you realize it the ex-boyfriends’ Cardigan Sweater.

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite Artist because of the lyric of the songs so don’t hate me.

- A word from our sposor -

Taylor Swift – Cardigan the Hottest Video in the USA