The World Is Yours – The Awakening- The Secrets Behind “The Secret”

The World Is Yours – The Awakening – Are You Ready

If you are like me you have read “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Secret”. I learned so much about myself through those books but I keep wanting more. Then I met Kurtis Thomas Lee the writer of “The World (Y)ours – The Awakening through a Movie Star.

I read the first two chapters and hit home and but chapter 5 my mind explain 100 x from the other two books and “Think and Grow Rich” is my favorite book of all time for self-motivation.  I could put the book down and new opportunities present themselves to me.

This book is showing up everywhere and you will hear Music, TV and Movie Stars quoting the book a lot.

So what do you really learn from the book how to utilize life’s most powerful tools to your advantage: The Power of Thought(s), Emotions, Creative Visualization, Imagination, Affirmations, The Subconscious Mind, the Law of Attraction, and the remaining Laws of The Universe; all in ONE book!