Over the years I have been a music consultant on several records and producer on a few Billboard Top 100 records.  But I had no clue about engineering or technical stuff on those records.  I just told the engineer what I wanted and they did it.  Back around 2005 -2006 I got my hands on the first edition of “Understanding Audio”. I read the book twice and did not understand most of the stuff from the book.  It took me going into the studios and actually experimenting on my own with the book to get it down.

Today reading “Understanding Audio” 2nd Edition I have new insight into what they are talking about.  I still love to turn up the compression and pump the shit out of the records an engineer’s nightmare.  But I understand the input signals and wavelengths to make better records.

Since there are so many DAW’s out there now you need to buy book after book to fully understand each one.  However the understanding the basics and audio they don’t teach you with pro-tools or Abelton books.

The section on Decibels” DB or Not DB is so technical I skipped that chapter in 2005 and skipping it 2018. I have VUE meters that tell me I want to know. The rest of the book is solid read and must know data.

“Understanding Audio” gives you the fundamentals of audio and acoustics that impact every stage of the music recording process. If you are looking for a quick read this book is not for you.  However, if you want to be a true engineer this book is a must.

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